Bliss Business Service's Core Values

Points of Culture


We hold ourselves to a high level of efficiency and accuracy but we are human and mistakes can occur. We admit when we have made a mistake and bring it to the attention of those who it affects. We identify the error, the cause of the error and determine how the error could have been avoided. We put systems in place to avoid the same type of error occurring again.


All client accounts are equally important to all members of the Bliss team. We work together to ensure that all clients are receiving a high level of customer service. If necessary, we pitch in and work together to keep all accounts current and that our client's expectations are met or exceeded. We strive to have multiple team members familiar with each client so that our clients don't suffer due to the absence of one team member.


We commit to answering clients' questions, returning phone calls, emails and other forms of communication on a timely basis. We commit to responding in less than 24 hours.


Certifications are acquired and kept current. Time will be granted to complete training and to attend seminars.


We keep our clients' information confidential. We do not discuss our client accounts outside of our office.


Conversations regarding clients, co-workers or other partners will be positive. We treat all of these relationships with respect and gratitude. We exercise patience and grace when dealing with others.


Clients that are full service bookkeeping clients files will be kept current. All transactions in the queue will be cleared weekly. If necessary, once per week a list will be sent to the client for transactions that cannot be identified. Our clients will have a current and correct view of their financial information.

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